Release Date: 2016-04-04
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(Verse 1)
I’ll play you like a fool as I look in your eyes
The face you thought was real was just a disguise (just a disguise)
I’m gonna take all the credit for things that you’ve done
You’re the one with the trophy but I know I’ve won

Without your love and affection
I would be nothing, nothing
Oh ooh oh ooh
All I tell you are lies
Can you smell me bluffing, bluffing
Oh ooh oh ooh

I got the power
And I’m not gonna give it up
Not gonna give it u-up
I am the tower
That you’ll never reach above
You’ll never reach abo-ove
(Whoa whoa not gonna give it up
Whoa whoa you’ll never reach above)
Power, power, POWER!
Power, power, power

(Verse 2)
And if I lead you on you won’t forget me
And if I sell you wrong you will regret me
(You will regret me)
I want you to need me like I am the one
The day I heard your name my scam had begun

(Pre chorus)

I want the glory and the power and the fame
I want to own you and control you and the whole world to know my name