LeLe XO – Wine and Dine

LeLe XO - Wine and Dine
Release Date: 2016-04-04
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Ear full of secrets, mouth full of lies

take me out you’re in for a surprise
Suit fitted, neck full of ties
Are you different than the other guys?
The new look! Wearing Christian Dior
Designer baby
Something that you must afford
The new look! Wearing Christian Dior
Divine baby
Baby open up my door
Top down, black and white
Are you gonna take me out tonight
You have to treat me like a lady
You have to wine and dine me baby
Neck full of pearls, mind full of cash
Drive in theater, hand full of ass
Evening of cocktails, dress is hourglass
Authentic, the mood is jazz
I’m a pretty lady, little lady
Treat me like a dime
Oh just wine and dine me
Like my heart desires
Fill my glass, I’m on fire
Wine and dine me!