Artist Spotlight LeLe XO on Kingston Music Reviews

You have just recently released your brand new video for “Power,” which I have to say is quite an impressive and well laid out video. How was the idea for the video conceived with relation to the song?

LeLe: Thank you. It actually started with a completely different theme on my end (more similar to my last video “Money Whore”). It was a continuation just as the song is. But we wanted to take it a different route so I let the director take a little more creative control on how he perceived the story.

 You are currently working on your debut album. How exciting has the process been in getting your album ready for the release?

LeLe: It’s definitely amazing, it’s what I love to do.. It can be frustrating at times because you hear it in your head but don’t always know how to bring it to life. But it’s time to finally let my fans have what they have been waiting for.

Has the process of writing all your own music ever felt overwhelming at times?

LeLe: I wouldn’t have it any other way.. Only I can tell my story but sometimes it is frustrating like I said above because you don’t always know how to explain to co-workers what you’re trying to establish and it might not always turn out how you hear it but it is just as good in a different way.

 Is there one song in particular that you are proud of the most with the way the song turned out?

LeLe: I would definitely say “Power.” It was the first song that turned out just how I envisioned melodically and lyrically. Also, it was the first song I believe to be “radio ready”.

How many tracks should your fans expect with the release?

LeLe: The plans for a full length are in the works, however right now I am focusing on releasing a new single and writing new music.

Have you decided on a release date?

LeLe: I don’t have any official release dates for a full length album, but you should keep your eye out for a brand new single late this summer!

Is there going to be any touring in support of the release?

LeLe: I do plan to perform here and there, but right now most of my attention will be centered around creating and perfecting the music itself.

Any expectations for the album success?

LeLe: Definitely aiming towards that goal! When I release a full-length album I can absolutely say that I expect a lot of success. That is the main reason why I’m taking my time and making sure everything is perfected. So far we are on the right track.

When it becomes time, where can people find copies and links to your Album and Social Networking?

LeLe: When it is time you can find me on Facebook; LeLe official. my Twitter handle @leleofficialll (Update: @iamlelexo) ; iTunes; and most importantly my website!

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