LeLe in El Barrio Magazine Sep 2015

The 21-year old singer/songwriter, never choosing comfort over fashion, is a walking expression of the original artist she is.

Sterling Heights, Michigan Native Amanda McCauley, traded in her given name for her stage name LeLe when starting her music career in 2013.

At age 19, LeLe was given a personal invitation to attend an showcase event in Los Angeles, CA. The Detroit Diva wowed with her pipes with an impromptu break out in song performance during the runway showcase that sealed her destiny and made returning to Michigan obsolete. She started working producing  radio ready music right after the event and has been making music ever since.

LeLe sang before she could walk and as soon as she could stand on a stage she was performing in a variety of events and shows. Her past singing and acting credits, include being the lead singer in the cover band, Hot Rod, landing supporting roles in the films, along with doing background work for TV and shows thru Central Casting in Los Angeles. Check out her IMDB page online today!

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Pop Singer Lele makes grand entrance releasing her latest hit single “Power”. Read Full Interview with Lele in this September issue.

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